Samuels Rest

Upper Church Road
SO32 2JB

Main menu

Burgers £10

All with chips, coleslaw, salad, onion rings & mushrooms £10

Southern Fried Chicken Burger on iceberg & mayo.

Battered Thai Fish Burger on iceberg & mayo

8 oz. Beef Cheese Burger fried onions.

6 oz. Lamb & Mint Burger on iceberg &mayo.


Butternut and Goats Cheese Beetroot Burger on mayo and iceberg

butternut squash. potato, sunflower, goats cheese, beetroot, rice rapeseed oil, cracked black pepper, maize, salt, ,spinach, spring onions, garlic, lemon juice , black pepper, salt.

Bhaji Burger on iceberg & mayo, a cumin, madras and ginger spiced rice burger with aubergine, butternut squash, red peppers coated with a onion bhaji crumb of crispy onions and black onion seed

Nacho Burger on iceberg & mayo, made with kidney beans, jalapeno, black turtle bean, red pepper cheese and tortillas

Bad Boy Burger on iceberg & mayo, a Thai influenced burger made with fresh lemongrass & lime leaf, mixed vegetables, coriander and chilli coated in a black onion, sesame and cumin seed crumb

Black & blue burger made with chickpeas black turtle bean broad beans soya beans peas and stilton


½ Roast Chicken, salad & jacket potato £11.00.

Bbq rack of pork ribs, chips onion rings & peas £14.00.

Carved Ham 2 eggs, chips & peas £10.00.

Lamb Rogan Josh, Rice & Garlic bread £10.00.

Lamb Shank Slow cooked in Red Wine OR Mint Gravy with mash potato and vegetables £13.50. (Gourmet Chips+£1)

Slow Cooked Large Pork Shank in cider apple sauce Mash &veg £14.50. (Chips+£1)

Steamed Steak & kidney Pudding covered with gravy with mash Potato & veg £11.00. (or Chips+£1)

8 0z Sirloin Steak, with onions, Gourmet chips, peas, tomato, mushrooms & onion rings £15.50.

10. oz. Horseshoe Gammon Steak with 2 eggs, Gourmet chips, peas, tomato, mushrooms onion rings £12.50.

Mixed Grill  £17.50


Breaded Plaice chips & peas £10.50.

Breaded whole tail Scampi chips & peas £11.50.

Battered Cod chips & peas £ 10.50.


Beef Lasagne, chips & salad £10.50.

Vegetable Lasagne, chips & salad £ 10.50.

Macaroni Cheese, Garlic bread & salad £10.50.


Cheese & Ham Omelette Chips & Peas £10.00

Cheese & Onion Omelette Chips & Peas £10.00

Cheese & Mushroom Omelette Chips & Peas £10.00

Lunch selection

Warmed 10” “White Baguette.”

With Side Salad & Home-Made Coleslaw

Or Gourmet Chips.

Ham £7.00

Mature grated Cheese £ 7.00

Bacon & Brie & Cranberry Dip £8.00

Prawn & Seafood Sauce £8.00

Chicken & Bacon mayo £7.00

Egg mayonnaise £6.50

“Filled Jacket Potato” with side salad & coleslaw

Cheese & Beans £7.50

Sausages & Beans £7.50

Tuna & Mayo £8.00

Cheese & Red onion £7.50

Prawn & seafood sauce £8.00

Egg Mayonnaise £.6.50

Chicken & Bacon Mayo £7.00

“Light Bite”

(Not full meal)

Soup of the Day with 10-inch Baguette & Butter £5.00

Warm Cheese & Jalapeno Nachos with Sour Cream Dip £5.00

Warm Cheese Nachos side of Sour Cream Dip £4.00

8 Battered Cheesy Jalapeno bites £5.00

10-inch Garlic Bread Baguette £4.00 add cheese for £1

8oz Gourmet Beef Cheese Burger& fried Onions £5.00

Southern Fried Chicken Burger inside mayo & iceberg £5.00

6oz Lamb Mint Burger & onions inside mayo & iceberg £5.00

Veggie Nacho Burger on mayo & iceberg £5.00

Veggie Bhaji Burger on mayo & iceberg £5.00

Veggie Bad Boy Burger on mayo & iceberg £5.00

Portion Gourmet Chips £3.50 add Cheese for £1

Young Children’s Menu

Chicken Bites, Chips & Peas £5.95

Sausages, Mash/Chips Peas £5.95

Battered Cod & Mash/Chips, Peas £5.95

Scampi, Chips Peas £5.95

Cheese Beef Burger & Chips £5.95

Ham, Egg, Chips, Peas £5.95

Spaghetti Bolognaise and Cheese £5.95

Macaroni Cheese & Peas £5.95

Cheese Omelette chips peas £5.95

Fish cakes chips & peas £5.95

Small charge for beans instead of peas

Vanilla ice cream £2.10


Please ask to see specials board.

Puddings are available after kitchen is closed.

Warm Four-layer Chocolate Fudge £6.00

Sticky Toffee pudding £5.50

Steamed Treacle Sponge Pudding £5.50

Steamed ginger Rum & Raisin Pudding £5.50

Steamed Spotted Dick Pudding £5.50

Warm Traditional Lemon Meringue Pie £5.00

Deep warm Apple pie £5.00

Chocolate cookie bash ice cream cake £5.00

Raspberry & white Chocolate Ice Cream Cake £5.00

Blackberry & Apple Crumble £5.50

Warm Rich Salted Caramel Brownie £6.00

Warm Bramley Apple with Kentish Cider & Butterscotch Pudding £6.00

With a choice, of

Whipped Cream

Vanilla Ice-Cream

or warm Custard.

prices may change since printed on website