Samuels Rest

Upper Church Road
SO32 2JB

Samuel’s Rest.

 Home cooked Sunday Roast.

Limited Tradition Roast.


First come first served as not served all day






Nut Roast 

Quorn roast 

  • With Yorkshire pudding stuffing balls and 3 or 4 veg selections 
  • Other Options 

Salad a Mixed leaf salad, peppers red onion tomato cucumber, celery, beetroot, boiled egg, coleslaw & grapes.

*Cold chicken breast £11.00. *

*Cheese (mature) £11.00*

*Prawns, £14.50. *

*Ham £11.00*

*BBQ Full rack of pork ribs, chips onion rings & peas £14.50 *

Steamed Steak & kidney Pudding covered with gravy with mash Potato & veg £11.00.

*8 0z Sirloin Steak, with onions, chips, peas, tomato, mushrooms & onion rings £15.95. *

Breaded Plaice chips & peas & salad garnish £10.95

Breaded whole tail Scampi chips & peas salad garnish £11.95.

Breaded Southern Fried Chicken Burger on iceberg & mayo £10.50

*8 oz. Beef Gourmet Cheese Burger* fried onions £11.00

*6 oz. Lamb & Mint Burger* on iceberg & mayo. £11.00

Nacho Burger on iceberg & mayo, £10.50 made with kidney beans, jalapeno, black turtle bean, red pepper cheese and tortillas

*Butternut & goats cheese Beetroot burger* £10.50 made with butternut squash, potato, beetroot spinach, spring onion.

Paella £12.95 served with garlic bread

Mix of seasoned cooked rice, seafoods, meats & vegetables

With chicken, chorizo, pork, squid rings, mussels, pollack and prawns. Vegetables include tomatoes, onion, peas, red peppers and sliced mushrooms.

*Lamb Rogan Josh, Rice, salad onion garnish £1050

Young Children’s Menu

Whole Chicken Bites, fries & Peas £6

Sausages, Mash, veg & gravy £6

Scampi, fries Peas £6

Cheese Burger & fries £6

Ham, Egg, fries, Peas £6

Spaghetti Bolognaise and Cheese £6

Macaroni Cheese & Peas £6

Cheese & tomato pizza & fries £6

Children Ice cream £2.

Please phone for Food Service Times & Bookings